Relieved Committee Members Rave About Jim Nye “The Benefit Auction Guy”

Hi Jim , The event turned out to be a major financial success for the Boys and Girls Club. Early financials put us somewhere between 250 and 270K for our net profit. WOO HOO!!!! Thank you again for your contribution to the success of our fabulous event. You did an AMAZING job for us — thank you again!
Dub K.

Jim, I am still in shock at what a great success you made our event. You absolutely put our event at the top as we made more in our live auction ever. This is not including “Raise Your Fingers” which many guests said that was such a great idea as they could not compete with the high rollers in the live auction but certainly walked away feeling great, that they were able to give in other ways. Thank you so much for being so creative.
Kerry A.

Jim,….Just wanted to let you know that I have received feedback from several people who have called to tell me how much they ‘loved’ you. You were very entertaining, and, as a result, we made more money this year with SIX LESS items than last year. THAT IS GREAT. I have no doubt we will be calling on you for next year’s event. As soon as I know the date I will contact you. Thank you so much for all your hard work; next year I will know what we need to have available for you (including a decent PA system!). Thanks again and I loved working with you.
Karen D.

Jim!! I bet you have never gotten a “thank you” letter before an event, but I must say that you have turned a doubtful, hesitant committee into a confident and encouraged one. You have spent so many hours talking with us, sharing your ideas and experiences, and enabling us to believe that we’re actually going to pull this off…. while I’m sure you’ll be great on Gala night, I want to simply say thank you for being such a valuable resource. I thought we were just hiring an auctioneer, but what we got was an Auction Planner/ Charity Auction Specialist. See you at the Gala!
Sylvia G.

Good Morning Jim, You were by far the best auctioneer we’ve had at any of our events. As I told you Saturday night, people at tables around us were saying what a great auctioneer you were. I was at a meeting last night for the Boys & Girls Club auction that they do in May and the woman that heads up that event was at our Gala. Because she attends so many of these type of events, she views them with a very critical eye. I value her opinion, but I’m also always a little afraid that she’s going to rip an event apart. One of the very first things out of her mouth last night was what a great job you did, how entertaining you were and how well you kept the crowd involved. I sure hope you’re available for us next year because I have a feeling you’re going to be hard to replace. Thanks so much for making our event the success that it was.
Jan M.

Hi Jim….I wanted to thank you for doing an outstanding job on our Fall Gala. The event was very well received and financially successful. We have heard nothing but rave reviews for the event and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you for your professional expertise and teamwork. We had to overcome quite a few logistical challenges and I appreciate your flexibility and positive attitude. Thank you again! It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working on future events.
All the Best,
Jill M.

Jim, you are the MASTER at running a Silent Auction. I had no idea how much we didn’t know. How many emails and phone calls did you get from us? 1,000? And yet you never blinked an eye. I cannot believe we almost didn’t hire you because the committee wanted to go with a volunteer! We DOUBLED our income from last year; you paid for your fee 10X over! PLEASE reserve our date for next year. Thank you!
Brook H.

Jim Nye, you ARE the “Benefit Auction Guy!” This is my 7th year doing the Gala, and I’m thrilled at what a refreshing change you were. Your ability to entertain the audience yet continually emphasize the cause was brilliant. The committee was worried that flying you out here across country was going to leave you at a disadvantage, but you obviously did your homework and knew what we were all about. You “fit in” perfectly; it was as if you’d been with us for years. You were funny, inspiring, and I lost track of how many people said this was the best Gala yet. Thank you for allowing our guests to give generously and feel good while doing it.
Elizabeth G.

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